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Main Laboratory

LCM Diagnostics has develop a series of packaged tests, including advisory services to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. LCM Diagnostics also provides home service for the comfort and convenience of its patients requiring special services.

The Laboratory offers the following services and activities:

  • Phlebotomy Service - From 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday at its main laboratory take blood samples for diagnostic testing from in-patients and out-patients.
  • Clinical Chemistry - also known as clinical biochemistry. The automated chemistry section provides analysis of samples for renal, liver, cardiac, lipid, iron studies and specific protein assays.
  • Clinical Microscopy - Clinical Microscopy performs scientific analysis of non-blood body fluids such as urine and stool. The macroscopic, chemical and microscopic examinations of urine provide initial valuable diagnostic information concerning metabolic dysfunctions of both renal and non-renal origin. Analysis of stool samples as fecalysis, stool concentration technique, occult blood determination and stool examination for fats help the clinician in early detection of gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver and biliary duct disorders and malabsorption syndrome. Parasite identification and assessment of the extent of the parasitism is also possible.
  • Hematology - this includes blood count and blood film examination. Routine coagulation screening includes PT-INR and APTT Tests.
  • Immunology - Immunology section performs Electrophoresis, allergy and associated assays.
  • Immunoassay - provides endocrine, tumor marker, troponin and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) assays.
  • Hispathology - the section provides a varies range of services including Tissue Pathology (including frozen section for rapid diagnosis), Non-Gynaecological Cytology, Immunology and Andrology.
  • Serology - this provides diagnostic identification of antibodies in the serum.
  • Executive Health Screening - to meet customer requirements a full range of pathology test packages are available as part of health screening. These packages are designed to cover any combination of pathology test to suit the requirements of the customer/patient.
  • Consultant Service - Consultant Pathology Services are available in the following specialties, Histopathology, Immunology, Hematology.
  • ECG and X-Ray
LCM Diagnostics also provides laboratory services for Lifeline 16-911 Clinic at:

Ayala Alabang Village Lifeline Clinic


Narra Street, Ayala Alabang Village, 1780 Muntinlupa City, Philippines


+63(2) 8772-3805, 8772-3806


From 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., daily.

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